Thermal oils or heat transfer fluids are widely used to transport thermal energy in indirect heating process.They are mainly used in processing applications where the temperatures of high temperature liquid,work between 150 and 400°C. They are safer and more efficient than the steam.

Thermal oil systems are less complex design easier and safer than the systems of steam when they are well designed, maintained, and you have selected the correct fluid for the application.

One of the main aspects so you decide to use systems based on heat transfer oil, is the use of a non-pressurized system. This is due to legal and regulatory requirements inherent to the risk of the use of pressure systems along with the cost of installation and routine inspection.

The oil used must be stable, capable of reaching high temperatures at atmospheric pressure and not be toxic.

This last feature is extremely sensitive in manufacturing processes of food by which exists a type of fluid suitable for these processes so-called “food grade”.

We have specific transfer fluids for that industry, as well as to formulate lubricants for the same.

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